Technical Support

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Technical Support

Today, customers choose brands that provide excellent after-sales service, the best technical support services or the best technical support solutions. At Phykon, we leverage multiple channels to deliver round-the-clock, automation-assisted Technical Support services. Based on the product or service purchased, we provide product support, technical support, technical applications support, etc. through our RPA enabled Contact Centre.

Phykon’s contact centre is trusted to deliver secure, reliable, consistent 24/7 Technical Support services. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will collaborate with you to provide technical solutions and guide your customers. Benefit from their proactive engagement and minimize downtime by addressing problems right away. We take business continuity and client security very seriously — which is why we have an effective BCP in place that kick starts into place with minimal or no downtime.

Phykon has been efficiently offering these services for more than a decade to numerous clients spread across different time zones. We offer an exhaustive set of services that deliver the right results and also align with clients’ growth plans.

Technical Support

IP Product Support

We offer our customers with incomparable best IP Product support services that can resolve the issues of IP CCTV Camera/product. With a team of skilled professionals, we provide precise guidance over the telephone, live chat support, email support, RPA chat support, best contact centre solutions support, RPA assisted tech support and automation assisted tech support, best technical support. Phykon’s proficiency is to understand the requirements of customers for residential or commercial and render the matching solution.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our hardware tech support services team handles a range of issues related to product hardware, beginning from installation to troubleshooting of a product. Hardware tech support includes offering assistance over the telephone for hardware maintenance, resolve internet service problems, Online tech support assistance for software issues, and get remote IT support over the phone.

Remote IT Support

Phykon offers a diverse range of Remote IT Support services to suit different needs of customers. Our smarter remote IT support services are designed to offer the following support services:

Technical Support

Real-time troubleshooting

Technical Support

Assisted Tech Support, best technical support solutions

Technical Support

Online tech support through live chat, toll-free telephone support, email support, and best contact center support, RPA chat support, Best IP Product Support

Technical Support

Handling of installation issues, assisting in network set-ups and management, driver installation, software updates, etc.

Technical Support

Pre-sales and post-sales product support, best contact centre solutions

Technical Support

Remote PC repair

Software Technical Support

To be competitive, companies should adapt to latest technologies quickly to meet the demands of customers, employees, and users. Phykon, with more than a decade of experience in offering IT-enabled services, aims to offer software tech support services to address a variety of software issues. Some of the software services provided are:

Technical Support
  • Product installation services
  • Best Technical Support Solutions
  • Installation of product updates
  • Support for custom application
  • Support for infrastructure software and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

Phykon offers comprehensive services to solve our customers' technical issues, help them put their growth plans on track, and always get the best results. They fall into these three categories: IP Product Support, Hardware Technical Support, and Software Technical Support.

What Is IP Product Support?

Our tech support agents provide assistance to resolve any IP CCTV Camera/product issue that our customers may experience. We have a team of seasoned and well-trained professionals ready to offer the following:

  • • Live chat support
  • • Guidance over the phone
  • • Email support
  • • RPA chat support
  • • Contact center solutions
  • • RPA-assisted tech support
  • • Automation-assisted tech support
  • • And more!

Phykon's tech support team is ready to review and understand our customers' requirements, whether they're for residential or commercial settings, to find a suitable solution or help them achieve their goals.

Our technical support teams are also skilled enough to provide the best hardware-oriented services and handle different related issues, from product installation to troubleshooting.

When you outsource technical support for your hardware with Phykon, these are the services you can get:

  • • Hardware maintenance
  • • Online tech support assistance for software issues
  • • Resolution of internet service problems
  • • Remote IT support (over the phone)

We understand that companies must adapt to the latest technologies to optimize their operations and meet customers' and users' demands. Therefore, our team is also prepared to provide IT-enabled services and first-class software tech support to help individuals and companies address different issues.

In this regard, these are some of the software services we provide:

  • • Top-class technical support solutions
  • • Product installation
  • • Product updates installation
  • • Support for customer application

When it comes to technical support, outsourcing is one of the best options for small and large companies. Hiring a third-party service provider to handle the support of your products and services can help you scale your business and find the best solutions for common issues in no time.

Plus, after outsourcing technical support, you'll have access to a team of seasoned professionals with specialized knowledge and skills to help you meet your technology requirements while keeping your business running efficiently.

Hiring reputable outsourced tech support companies can also help you save money and time since specialists know the right tactics to solve software issues and the best strategies to address your technology needs.

In addition, outsourced technical support services are ideal for small or large businesses looking for more than just saving money. Other of their benefits include better quality of customer service and more productivity.

At Phykon, we understand that today's companies should rely on outsourced technical support providers offering first-class after-sales services and comprehensive technical support solutions to succeed. Therefore, we leverage multiple channels and use only the best tools.

Our tech support team provides around-the-clock automation-assisted services for those who need assistance resolving technical issues. Depending on the product or service purchased, we leverage our RPA-enabled contact center to offer product, technical, and technical application support.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the perfect solution for those who want to automate those repetitive and manpower-intensive tasks. It's also ideal for boosting back-office productivity and helping all departments achieve their goals.

Furthermore, Phykon's RPA solutions can help you operate more efficiently while increasing speed and empowering your employees to take your business to the next level.

We're committed to customer satisfaction, so we go the extra mile to provide reliable, consistent, and around-the-clock services to those who trust us.

Our seasoned tech support agents are ready to provide the best solutions for your technical issues while guiding your customers. They'll address all the problems you may experience and requirements you may have right away, including everything from pre-sales and account management to customer retention!

Also, at Phykon, we truly care about your business's continuity and clients' safety. Thus, we use a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that kicks in even with little or no downtime.

Our main objective is to offer quality assistance to our customers. Therefore, we do our best to provide comprehensive outsourcing tech support with multiple services focused on products, hardware, and software.

Yes, you're right! Outsourcing technical support can help you save money and time while streamlining your business operations, but how do you know it's a good decision? Is there a way to guarantee excellent results?

Fortunately, yes! At Phykon, we have developed an in-house methodology (APTT) to deliver only the best possible results on each project. For many years, this approach has helped clients reduce disruption and maximize innovation to achieve their goals.

The APTT methodology has been refined over the last decade to focus on projects as a whole and extract each key component separately to get the best possible outcome.

Yes, we do! If you run a small business and are thinking about outsourcing technical support, we can also help you! Our services perfectly suit all-size companies, including startups.

If you have a small business, IT technical support is what you need to streamline your operations, ensure customer satisfaction, and grow your company in this technological era!

We want to offer multiple solutions for customers' different needs and technical issues, even if there is no engineer on-site. If you need remote tech support for a small business, these are some of the services you can choose from:

  • • Real-time troubleshooting
  • • Automation-assisted tech support
  • • Toll-free telephone support
  • • RPA chat support
  • • Remote PC repair
  • • Network set-ups and management support
  • • Driver installation
  • • Software updates
  • • And more!

Do you think we're the right outsourced tech support provider for you and your business? If you want to hire our services, you only have to call us! As soon as you contact us, we'll analyze and identify your project's requirements and expectations.

After that, we'll meet with your team to discuss and document your project's functional and technical requirements, hoping to find solutions that fully suit your goals.

Before getting down to work, our team begins the "process design." During this phase, we determine what resources we need, segregate the processes into stages, and formulate the best strategies and how to implement them.

While performing this, our team also documents scheduling, key metrics, reporting format, and auditing parameters to create the right plan for your company or business.

This phase also includes skills identification and skilled resources recruitment or allocation to ensure that each move our team performs boosts your project's successful development.

Yes, of course! Outsourcing technical support doesn't mean you have to hire a third-party service provider only when things start to go wrong. After implementing the best strategies and solutions for your business or company, we perform tests to make sure everything is running smoothly and without errors.

Moreover, we want to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore, we believe that technical implementation is only the first step to starting a new journey together!

At Phykon, we have Quality Assurance policies to ensure that the solutions we provide to our clients are functional today and in the future. Our team performs continuous auditing and monitoring of outgoing services and processes to make sure everything is in order.

Furthermore, we implement a performance improvement plan, providing each team member with constant feedback and establishing the best corrective measures to give our clients first-class support in line with their objectives.

Yes, we do! One of the first steps you should take in order to find out which are the best-outsourced tech support solutions for your business is to identify your requirements and needs based on your goals. Therefore, we offer free audits and quotes to all our customers!