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AI-enabled Tech Support to Turbocharge Efficiencies


In most cases, agents providing tech support solutions know the type of requests that eat up their time and mental energy. Such requests are repetitive and usually easy to solve, but when these come in large numbers, the result is a big drain on the tech support team’s capacity. This is the problem Phykon set out to solve using the best chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our client’s technical support staff had to respond to a high volume of L1 support calls from its end-users. Most of the customer queries were related to basic issues regarding the execution of applications, password resetting or even provisioning access to new applications. The client wanted our Innovation Centre to find out if there was a more efficient way to handle those routine requests using RPA assisted chat support with minimal impact on satisfaction.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client’s IT support team was overwhelmed with basic but time-consuming queries. These queries were repeated and the support staff was spending a huge amount of time in clarifying the same issues repeatedly. The service response time was slow too. It was difficult for the client to categorize, prioritize and route all incoming requests manually.


Phykon’s talented team of developers built an AI-based solution which helped the end-users solve basic issues related to the application functioning, password resetting and other basic support functions with minimal intervention from the tech support team. Our solution can automatically take relevant action to fix the problem and is also capable of deciding when to escalate the issue to the appropriate tech support staff. The solution we developed was an intelligent chatbot built on Phykon’s RPA reference framework. Our solution uses predictive analytics to foresee customer issues and analyses log data to automatically resolve customer issues. With log data analysis, an AI-enabled chatbot identifies the reason for the occurrence of the issue and communicates the same to the end-users.


Phykon’s sophisticated AI-enabled solution had intelligent search recommendations which helped in guiding users to find the right solution.
Artificial Intelligence offered predictive analytics assisting the client’s IT support team in incident management, demand planning, and workflow improvement.
Our solution also eliminated manual overhead involved in repetitive, high-volume service desk tasks.

Our AI-enabled solution helped the client’s IT support team to focus on higher value-added tasks.


Your company too can use the best technical support solutions from Phykon to program an AI application that can spot patterns to help your teams perform root cause analysis and prevent them. It collects data and identifies patterns about recurring problems, such as similar requests, a disproportionate number of requests coming from the same location, or requests that frequently require human intervention to find a solution. This can help your team offer world-class RPA chat support, fix underlying problems and prevent lots of service requests. Phykon can help you assess your processes and build next-generation tools that will enable your team to offer the best tech support solutions, be more efficient and effective while providing a highly personal end-user experience.

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