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From promoting your brand across channels to creating a crowd-puller website, Phykon can take your business to the next level. Create a winning digital marketing strategy – regardless of your business size, budget or industry.

Transform Your Business,

We’ve been fuelling businesses with innovative services to help clients stay connected with their customers. We integrate creativity and analytics to provide you with real-time data that helps you get insights on your business, and compare it with your competitors. We’ve been promoting and popularizing our clients’ businesses through well-designed, bespoke digital marketing services. Our expert teams create, manage and deliver engaging content for social media campaigns to strengthen your brand presence and drive word-of-mouth. This can build your brand and easily translate to more sales and leads for you!

What makes us a trusted marketing partner

Our transformational digital marketing services meet – and exceed – client expectations. Here’s why:

Result-driven Services

Our services are time-tested, proven and result-oriented. We know what works and what doesn’t.

For individuals and companies — of any size, of any industry

It doesn’t matter if you are a team of one or if you are a multinational business (or anything in between), our services are designed to bring you leads and increase sales.

Affordable solutions

We have created successful, cost-effective solutions for clients of all sizes from various industries. Our team of experts provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality.

Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

At Phykon, we do things differently. You get tailored services that suit your unique business requirements. And no matter what the challenge is, we focus on providing truly world-class digital solutions through innovation, giving you high-quality, measurable results.

We offer a full range of digital marketing services!

Are you a startup business? Are you on a budget? Are you short of experts with digital marketing insights? Or just looking for a simple campaign tune-up? No worries! We’ve got your back! Find, reach and win customers through our affordable and effective digital marketing services tailored for the precise needs of your business. Get access to our team’s expertise and know-how. Save time and do more with our full range of digital marketing services:

Technical Support

Social Media Marketing

Online Advertisements


Business Blogging

Content Marketing

Online Centric Creatives

Email Marketing

Analytics and Reports

Social Media Marketing

Get your brand social media ready — and make it as authentic as it is persuasive. We’ll help you make the most of online platforms to build your brand, increase sales and to improve customer satisfaction. Reach out to your target market, create better online visibility, gain attention, generate leads, and convert potential leads into a sale by utilising Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Pinterest, etc.

We’ll create and maintain your brand’s social media profiles on social media networks. We’ll craft and manage social media content in line with your products/services, along with attractive graphic designs; and drive viral brand awareness. Harness the power of social media to drive business growth!

Online Advertisements

Billions of searches happen every day online. With the right choice of keywords and the right placement, you can get potential customers to notice your brand through online ads and click on them. These ads are created and placed strategically to attract people who are interested in the products/services you offer.

We will help you maximise return on ad spend. To attract engagement, our specialists leverage structured ad campaigns based on your target audience and most suitable online platforms. You can use Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other social media advertisements to promote your brand and drive visibility. Target, engage and persuade your audience, without wasting ad spend or wrestling with algorithms — through our powerful online advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimise your online content to be on top of search results and on top of your target audience’s mind. No matter the business you are into, SEO is all about getting your website to rank high in search engine results so you can see an uptick in conversions, an increase in website traffic and a significant growth in sales.

Get your target customers to discover you consistently across multiple online platforms and search engines, Build visibility, trust and engagement. Take advantage of our On-page, Technical and Off-page SEO expertise. We implement White Hat SEO or ‘play by the rule’ moves that ensure sustainable online business growth through quality content, well-labeled images, relevant links, well-labeled images and unique page titles.

Business Blogging

Offer your audience relevant, shareable content that can spark online conversations around your brand and draw in more customers. We will help you showcase carefully crafted content that establishes thought leadership and credibility.

You will get to increase targeted traffic, improve search engine ranking, boost social media presence and engage prospective customers. Increase online visibility and brand awareness. Attract new leads and build customer trust. Create a brand experience of undeniable value for your customers. Offer information that matters to them before they make vital decisions — Content that informs, entertains and connects with your people.

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Content Marketing

Cut through the noise with simple, original, well-crafted, SEO-ed content that conveys what you wish to say to your target audience. We craft polished, conversion-oriented, written content that reflects your business’s unique perspective, expertise, and voice. To create traffic and improve conversions we create shareable blogs, articles and social media content in-keeping with specific content marketing imperatives and the most up-to-date SEO best practices.

Optimised content gets picked by search engines as relevant and gets prioritised in search results. Several such interconnected content published online at a planned cadence amplifies the brand’s visibility and discoverability. Get a regular stream of search-optimized content that encompasses your best thinking, and that you’re proud to publish on your website, share with customers and promote in your outbound marketing efforts. This would include indexable articles, gated content, email copy, and social media promotional copy.

Online Centric Creatives

Effective social media graphic designs promote brand recognition, disseminate required information and connect your target audience with your business and services. The written word can be empowered with creative designs that drive the information into the readers’ minds.

The business brand, business logo and a recurring design theme can become recognized among your target audience, leading to more brand engagement. Clever animation and bespoke still-creatives boost engagement, reach and leads. Our design team puts together aesthetic, world-class social media creatives that catch the eye and deliver results. We can create unique, shareable and informative graphics to bolster your social media channels.

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Email Marketing

Is your email marketing humdrum? Or even non-existent? Then it’s high time you considered getting our expert email marketing support. And that’s because email marketing ranks as one of the most effective marketing channels. It increases revenue and builds engagement. Our digital marketing ninjas, creative writers and designers put their heads together to create full-potential email marketing campaigns with curated content, custom-designed email templates, and advanced analytics, tracking and reporting.

Connect directly with existing customers and potential customers with bespoke email marketing campaigns. Rather than inundating their inboxes with pointless emails that don’t deliver any value, it is important to deliver targeted messages that actually get opened, read and, better still, convert into sales.

Search Engine Marketing

Utilise our SEM Services to build your presence in search engines and drive more qualified leads. When your SEO strategy to drive organic traffic is supplemented with a paid strategy like SEM, you will experience a boost in your online growth and revenue.

We use our industry experience, best practices and latest technology to create effective online advertising campaigns that will land you high-intent customers. Every search translates into an opportunity for a sale. We’ll help position your business to make the sale and rank above the competition.

Drive Reach and Revenue - Tailored Digital Marketing Services

We identify gaps in your current digital marketing activity, understand your specific needs and draw up a done-for-you strategy

Get short-term quick wins and long-term transformational results that get you reach and revenue.

Promote your brand and products/services online with engaging ads at the right places

Affordable, Agile Digital Marketing Services for Brands at Every Stage of Business


Get seen online. Start off with a simple website and an engaging social media presence.


Grow your online footprint and increase traffic to your website. Increase rankings, win more customers and get shared by many.


Promote your brand and products/services online with engaging ads at the right places

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