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Best technical support solutions to set new service benchmarks


Our client was an IT services startup which offered a host of IT applications and add-ons. The client required a technical support outsourcing service provider who can offer remote support. Being an IT services firm the client had to cater to and resolve numerous customer queries and technical issues on a daily basis. They lacked experienced support staff to provide inbound technical support to a growing customer base.

Challenges Faced By The Business

The client offered a multitude of IT services and solutions to its customers. Hence they had to answer and resolve all inbound technical customer queries. Our biggest challenge was staffing the help desk. Two important requirements were to be considered in selecting the technical support staff. They had to be technically proficient in IT tools and services. They should also be well-experienced to fix complex technical issues, answer incoming customer queries and offer round-the-clock customer support. All these requirements had to be achieved in a cost-effective manner and with existing resources.

The Solution

Phykon with its team of IT experts immediately rose to the challenge. The experience gathered from our previous remote IT support projects helped us to ramp up fast. We employed a three-pronged solution. Initially, we staffed the technical support desk with an experienced team with relevant skills. They were experts who had previously worked on similar projects and had a broader knowledge about various IT platforms and solutions. The employed staff were further trained in client-specific solutions and services. This helped them respond to calls confidently and resolve problems in a quick manner. The solution was also cost-effective and helped the client to offer technical customer support 24/7.

The Result

Phykon was successful in consistently meeting, and exceeding the SLA agreed upon with the IT services startup. The client never reported an issue with respect to Phykon's services on this inbound technical support project. With our support, the client could easily address all incoming customer queries and resolve issues in a short time-frame. All technical issues were handled with precision and in a timely manner.


Phykon helped the client simplify technical products and services for its customers. Phykon once again proved its expertise in providing the right infrastructural support to handle technical issues of the clients.

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