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RPA: Automate Your Way to Efficient Report Generation


Reports are the cornerstones of daily business operations and are integral to an organization’s evidence-based decisions. You need to have timely data processing and analysis, along with accurate report generation. The success and longevity of a business depends largely on collection, processing and interpretation of data received from a multitude of sources.

However, when organizations start collecting mounting data to expand their business, report generation becomes a time-consuming and tedious process. To that end, Phykon developed, tested and implemented a flexible RPA solution to automate and simplify the report generation process. The solution employed software bots to perform Phykon’s mission-critical report generating tasks, effectively overcoming several challenges.

Challenges Faced by The Business

Phykon has clients across sectors like utilities, telecom, dairy, etc. and offers world-class technical, customer support, BPO, and digital marketing services to a number of global clients. As Phykon expanded its client-base and stepped into new verticals, manual report generation no longer remained a feasible option. The employees were using a medley of applications to manually compile reports. The huge volume of back-office data made it tedious to put these reports together. Report generation consumed a chunk of productive working hours. The report queue started to back up too. Employees had to repeatedly generate 6 or more reports daily. In addition, they had to spend extra hours to apply formulas and customize the reports as per the client needs. In effect, we were relying on a group of employees to manually generate reports on a daily basis through a time-consuming and inefficient way.


The Solution

The RPA tool developed by Phykon helped in automating report generation. A bot was successfully tested to generate reports. This automated report generation tool offered flexibility to execute reports when needed. The software bots can be triggered either on-demand or can be scheduled to generate the reports automatically.

Phykon’s RPA solution is capable of linking multiple data sources to generate reports seamlessly. It speeds up the entire process and saves employee time. Regardless of the data source, our automation tool can merge, process, and format data to build accurate, intelligent and customized reports. This way, it saves employees’ time previously spent in customizing and formatting the reports. Our RPA solution goes one step further and sends generated reports to stakeholders, eliminating the need for manual intervention in the report distribution process.

The employees were delighted to work with the report-generating bots. They were able to drag and drop their way to accurate and fast reports. The comprehensive report generation solution helped Phykon to generate reports in a timely manner without the constant intervention of employees.

The Outcome

The RPA-powered automatic report generation tool helped Phykon achieve consistency in report presentation and data accuracy.
Employees save 3-5 hours daily and utilise the saved up time on other projects that require their focus.

Generated reports reached the intended recipients in a timely manner.

Scheduled report generation feature ensures that reports get sent even if employees are away.

The software bots can quickly identify data changes over a period of time which helped in decision-making.
It reduced data errors in the reports due to minimal human intervention.

Positive impact on the business due to improved turnaround time in reporting time-sensitive information.


Phykon’s automated tool supports the Management in its decision-making process — through swift, accurate and smooth report generation. It increased Phykon’s flexibility to respond swiftly to industry changes and opportunities. Phykon’s RPA tool boosted employee productivity and overall accuracy of the report generation process which in turn contributed to business growth.

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