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How RPA Changes (and Simplifies) HR Processes


Recruiting and Onboarding are two important steps in building a productive workforce. These processes have a powerful impact on employee engagement and retention. And so, maintaining a high-quality hiring and onboarding process is essential to enhance the brand. It also enables you to hire the right candidate at the right time.

Phykon’s in-house team developed an effective RPA solution to carry out its Human Resource activities. Robotic Process Automation, when deployed in Human Resource activities, knits together cloud-based software fields, core HR data fields and other desktop applications like MS office tools into a consolidated and automatic system.

Challenges Faced by The Business

When the number of employees increased, Phykon’s HR team found it difficult to perform their core functions. The volume of data to be processed and the time taken for processing the data grew exponentially every year owing to the increase in the number of candidates interviewed and level of accuracy expected. Collection of candidates’ profile data during the hiring process involved extensive paperwork.

The HR team had to manually enter each employee’s data into the system which was a tedious and time-consuming process. It also had a high error rate due to the manual involvement. It was difficult to cross-verify employee details against a set of multiple disparate databases. Another challenge was the creation of employee accounts, which included email IDs, staff IDs, logins, biometrics, etc.


The Solution

Phykon designed an intuitive RPA solution to handle mundane, repetitive tasks involved in HR processes. RPA bots collected data from the input sources and automatically cross-checked it with the backend databases to create reports without human intervention. Our RPA solution is capable of simultaneously handling a huge volume of candidate data by splitting the load across multiple bots. RPA enabled digital transmission of documents and the ability to electronically sign them reduced manual paperwork. New employees were automatically granted access to specific resources based on their job designation.


Our RPA solution simplified complex HR processes like hiring and onboarding along with training and development, recruitment and hiring, employee relations, benefits and compensation, etc.

Automated data entry reduced the time required for the onboarding process.
Minimal human intervention in data handling reduced error rates.

It also reduced the onboarding processing cost.

Increased onboarding speed.

The background verification of new hires was made easier.

Automated emails and replies are sent to candidates.

Responds to basic questions from candidates.

Collects, processes and organizes candidate information.

RPA bots conduct automated compliance checks which increased regulatory compliance.


The RPA solution developed in-house by Phykon increased the efficiency of the HR department, by simplifying routine processes. It improved overall employee experience during the onboarding process. It also has helped our HR team use their expertise in their core functions, while overseeing automated data processes to ensure smooth running.

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