Order management case study


RPA Assisted IVR for an Enhanced Order Management System


Order processing & management has been considered as a critical business process. Effective order management is a reflection of your business capabilities and a key to excellent customer service. It has a direct impact on how the customer perceives your brand. Each point in the customer journey from the placement of orders to timely delivery gives you an opportunity to enhance your customer experience and boost revenue.

Phykon’s client, an eCommerce firm, was in need of an automated Order Management System for timely fulfilment of orders. The system which existed used conventional IVR systems which were not able to handle cancellation of orders effectively.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The primary requirement of the client was to impart self-service capabilities to their IVR systems in order to equip them to handle complex return orders. In the existing system, the client had to spend a lot of time as they had to manually cancel placed orders. Their conventional IVR system was only capable of data collection. Employees had to be involved in processing and completing return orders. They also had to manually enter the order updates into the system.

The Solution

Phykon offered the client an RPA powered Order Management System. It automated and efficiently handled the product return calls. The AI-enabled IVR systems had Natural Language Processing capabilities which further enhanced the communication with the customers. Phykon’s automated solution with enhanced IVR can automatically cross-check and verify the product returned and the customer who initiated the return. The entire process is simultaneously done while conversing with the client. The system also recognizes the reason for the product return to gain insight for improving customer satisfaction.


The advanced Order Management System reduced the burden on human agents. Phykon’s RPA-powered solution increased the rate of successful order returns. Artificial Intelligence and NLP made the solution capable of understanding the customers better. It helped the client in improving customer experience. An insight into the reason for product return helped the client in improving their customer service. RPA assisted IVR systems significantly reduced the average handle time for the return process.


Phykon’s automated Order Management Solution reduced the turn-around time taken for the entire transaction. The solution brought in automatic data integration. Order cancellation and product return details get updated with minimal or no human intervention. Our solution helped the client to speed-up the order processing and management which improved customer satisfaction. Automation of business processes with Phykon’s RPA powered solution can increase customer retention and improve your business.

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