Best outbound contact center services for setting new service benchmarks


Our customer is a renowned IT giant based in the USA. They are in the business of providing IT solutions to their customers, such as computer hardware, software and services. This was the first time the company opted to use the best outbound contact center services we offer.

The Challenge

The company had launched a new software package that was highly technical in nature. It facilitated the flow of communication in an organization. Our role was to set up the best outbound sales calling process with the main aim of generating sales leads. This required technically sound contact center agents who were capable of communicating the features, advantages and benefits of the product to prospective customers from small and mid-sized companies in the US.

The Solution

We set up a pre-sales outbound cold calling process at our delivery center with a dedicated team to promote the new software package. The best outbound sales contact center agents were recruited and trained by our customer directly. These agents were provided with a database of prospective customers in the US and were given cold calling scripts developed by the customer. The calling process was unique, since every call required a different set of technical queries to be answered by the contact center agents. This included answering technical queries posed by prospective customers and convincing them to try out the new product. Furthermore, even the tiniest details of each call had to be captured successfully.

To achieve the best possible outcome, we chipped in with a few more value additions. Phykon suggested certain reporting formats and templates. Reporting was done both on a daily and weekly basis. Daily reports were sent by the process owner to the customer, based on the performance of the outbound contact center agents. The weekly report indicated the weekly performance of the agents.

A weekly check-in conference call was scheduled between the process owner, process manager and the customer to discuss new ideas and address the challenges encountered by the outbound contact center agents. The call helped streamline the process of achieving enhanced conversion rates. Stringent quality checks were also set up at every stage of the process to ensure flawless execution in meeting the customer's requirements.

Each voice call was recorded and subjected to quality checks to ensure that the outbound contact center agents performed in line with our customer's expectations. The performance levels were constantly measured to ensure that we delivered high quality results, consistently. Our past experience of providing such services to international companies, combined with our domain expertise, helped us execute this project successfully; leading to complete customer satisfaction.

The Outcome

As a direct consequence of our best outbound contact centre services, the customer experienced a surge in inquiries and an increase in the sales figures of the new product. The customer provided positive feedback about the services rendered and expressed complete satisfaction from our outbound contact center services.

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