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Best order management solutions to help you scale your SME affordably


In the eCommerce domain, both the customer and the merchant share a common goal. They need the ordered product to be delivered at the customer doorstep as quickly as possible. To keep up your business standards inline with the modern customer demands and expectations, a flexible order management system is essential. Our client was an SME in the e-commerce domain. They had to internally manage all activities including sales and marketing, order management, logistics, finance management, technical support, and customer services.

Challenges Faced By The Business

The client intended to use their eCommerce platform for order management. Eventually, they realised that such a system only suits very small businesses with fewer clients. Our client had multiple sales channel and received orders from different places including marketplaces, point-of-sale, websites, etc. In line with their growth plans, our client could not find enough time for business expansion. They had to handle everyday operations like inventory management, order processing, tracking and answer customer queries, etc. The repetitive, routine tasks hindered the client’s focus on marketing and business expansion activities. They needed a solution to efficiently manage 24-hour order processing, order tracking, order fulfilment, returns and refunds. They also wished to build stronger customer relationships through proactive customer support.

The Solution

We offered the client an automated order management solution for their eCommerce business. The RPA-powered solution could easily automate repetitive tasks allowing them to focus on core business activities and expansion strategies. The automated system could easily validate, place and track orders, process refunds, answer queries, and manage cancellations or modifications of orders. Phykon also went ahead and developed the proprietary methodologies to facilitate online-order authentication and validation. Another solution was migrating to email mode of technical support. Software bots were employed to handle common, real-time customer queries.


The automated order management system allowed the client to manage customer information and interactions, update warehouse inventory, customize the retail point of sale system, and access accounting data from a single system. The RPA-powered solution also helped the client to collect data and derive valuable insights for improving business processes. Automation of repetitive tasks also allowed the client to focus on marketing and business expansion activities.


The automated order management system helped the client to expand their business. Our solution offered higher order accuracy, along with better tracking and reporting with minimal human intervention. The transparent system allowed the client to clearly analyse their business performance at each step and focus on further improvements.

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