Customer support case study

AI-enabled Chatbots Fuel Business Growth


The rise of AI-enabled chatbots is changing customer-brand interactions. It replaces the need for human agents in customer interactions. Due to increased responsiveness and reliability, AI chatbots are gaining more popularity in customer service and the customer support industry. They are slowly but steadily taking centre stage in customer service and related functions.

A leader in the e-commerce space approached Phykon for a solution to catch up with the growing needs of their customers. The company required an effective automated solution to enhance its customer service. They needed an uninterrupted flow of service round-the-clock to support their rapidly growing customer base.

Challenges Faced by the Business

Many e-commerce businesses are on the verge of failure due to their poor customer support. Our client too realised the importance of providing uninterrupted customer support to remain successful and push business forward further. The eCommerce firm lacked enough resources and manpower that it could not address the high customer penetration rate. The existing customer support agents were not able to answer all incoming customer queries and our client couldn’t afford the cost incurred on maintaining a fleet of 24/7 support staff. The customers had to rely on FAQs and had to search through multiple queries to get a proper response which affected the customer experience.


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The Solution

Phykon’s AI-powered chatbots acted as customer service agents of the eCommerce client. The chatbots offer uninterrupted customer support as they remain available 24/7. Our AI chatbots are capable of interacting with customers as they land on the client’s eCommerce website. This improved customer experience as it was easy for the customers to ask queries and place orders real-time.

AI bots can analyze the buying patterns of the customers which helped the client to generate marketing campaigns and pitch respective products to both existing and potential customers. The intelligent chatbots allowed customers to compare products and choose the best ones as per their requirements. Phykon’s AI-enabled customer support solution was capable of handling all first-level customer support queries including the status of delivery, mode of payments, enquire delivery time etc. Complicated queries get noted and corresponding tickets get generated or the customers will be automatically routed to a live agent.


Our AI-based chatbot enabled the client to offer uninterrupted, high-quality customer service.

The chatbots were cheaper and more effective than human customer support agents.

The client was able to easily implement Phykon’s AI chatbot on their platform which improved their customer experience and brought in more business.
The AI capabilities enabled our client to continuously learn from customer interactions and offer customized product recommendations for its customers.


Phykon’s AI-based customer support solution helped the client in providing personalized customer service in real-time. The client’s human customer support agents could focus more on complex tasks rather than answering common customer queries. Our chatbot certainly made an impact on the client’s customer service and boosted sales.