Turbocharging growth with the best email support services


Our client is trying to do with services what Amazon and eBay did with goods; by creating the biggest marketplace to buy and sell services in a single click. They operate an on-demand online marketplace for consumers seeking professional services. Their online bidding-based portal connects professional service providers with buyers including services such as plumbing, gardening, and general contracting.

The Challenge

Over the past few years, our client’s rapid growth and expansion translated into 64% more email enquiries per month. In order to manage the increasing volume of queries from their network of professionals and end customers, they looked into the best email support solutions that could learn from historical data, classify incoming enquiries automatically, suggest the best answer to incoming questions and automate responses for the most common questions, in order to cope with the high number of enquiries.

The Solution

Phykon’s AI and RPA powered platform appeared as the perfect solution for the client’s unique needs. When a new enquiry is received, Phykon’s best email and chat support platform presents AI suggested responses to reduce the Average Handling Time. Additionally, AI auto-tagging helps recover agent time by reducing the effort required for manual triage and case classification. After learning from historical data and agent usage, Phykon recommends answers that can be automated.

The Outcome

By implementing Phykon’s AI and RPA powered platform into their Zendesk agent interface, the client has been able to significantly reduce the average time spent per case. After only 3 months, the AI is able to correctly predict 97% of the cases. Average handling time went from 6.1 to 3.3 minutes (46% AHT reduction) and more than 250,000 clicks have already been saved.

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