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Making RPA Powered Back Office the Frontrunner in Productivity


Back-office automation with Robotics Process Automation enhances efficiency and enables your team to perform their tasks in a more creative way. This eliminates redundancy at each stage. Irrespective of the domain or industry, back-office operations act as a glue that holds the whole enterprise together. RPA streamlines back-office operations through a positive synergy of software bots and humans.

Phykon was approached by a business dealing in dairy and dairy products. They needed a solution to streamline their back-office processes. The firm had to handle customer records of numerous customers. It was difficult for the employees to update and manage all customer records with their legacy application.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client had to handle all customer records manually on a daily basis. Customer data was spread across multiple systems and databases, each of which had its own processes, architecture, and data fields. Most of the employees had to handle back-office paper works, data entry and other common routine tasks irrespective of their knowledge and expertise. This made it difficult for the company to measure employee performance accurately. Even though our client had access to various employee monitoring tools, they couldn’t accurately measure the overall productivity of employees. Eventually, the client approached Phykon to automate their mission-critical back-office activities.


Phykon developed a dedicated RPA-powered back-office solution to ensure that our client could focus more on critical business operations. Automation eliminated the need for employees to switch between multiple systems and applications. RPA enabled the integration of data from multiple systems and databases which allowed the employees to work from a single console. Automated back-office processes helped the employees to focus more on the domains of their interest and expertise. This helped the client to measure individual employee performance based on their skill set. Our RPA-powered back-office solution automated the client’s routine tasks while optimizing the existing processes to deliver the best customer support and services.


RPA powered back-office solutions boosted the client’s productivity and offered long-term benefits within a short time frame.

Automation of tedious, repetitive tasks with RPA helped the back-office team utilize their skills to enhance their experience as well as productivity.
It offered a higher quality of customer service as the back-office team could focus more on understanding customer needs and expectations.

RPA assisted the client in automatic data entry and retrieval from multiple systems and databases


Phykon’s solution enabled the client to face challenges related to the management of customer information, maintenance of customer data, data entry, reporting and more. The overall productivity of our client increased by more than 30%. We helped the client’s back-office team achieve immediate business objectives with ease. Phykon’s RPA-assisted back-office automation tool proved to be the most efficient method to improve productivity and achieve cost-benefits, almost instantly.

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