Inbound Call Centre Service to Accelerate Business Growth


The adaptability to changing industrial environments determines the fate of any business. In this age of technological advancements, it is essential for businesses to cope up with upcoming trends in the market to ensure sustainable business growth. Business owners now rely on inbound call centre service providers to enhance their customer experience and stay ahead of their competitors.

An inbound call centre service will assist you in providing quick and precise solutions to customer issues and complaints. It helps businesses to efficiently handle a high volume of incoming customer queries thus offering uninterrupted customer support 24/7.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of surveillance products and solutions required a full-fledged team to serve its large customer base. The client approached Phykon for an affordable solution to address and resolve all incoming customer queries.

Challenges Faced by the Business

The client required the help of an inbound call centre service provider as they were not able to handle and resolve all incoming customer calls in-house. To handle customer support internally, the client had to train its existing employees and hire new agents which will shift their focus from the core business tasks. Each day the client receives numerous calls from existing as well as potential customers. A lot of time and effort will be involved in hiring and training new employees to support their growing customer base. Such an approach was costlier and less professional too.


Phykon offered an RPA-powered solution to meet the unique requirements of the client, with inbound call centre services and chat support at its core. With the implementation of innovative technologies like RPA and AI, our inbound call centre services offer real-time solutions to customer queries and complaints. Our experienced and trained agents offered 24/7, scalable customer support. Relevant knowledge in the client’s products and services enabled our call centre agents to resolve customer issues immediately. Analysis of customer interactions with AI empowers agents to predict and offer solutions to potential issues that could arise in future.


Phykon’s unparalleled inbound call centre service strengthened the client’s customer base.

Real-time response and immediate problem resolution improved the customer-brand relationship.
Our inbound call centre service helped the client in offering round-the-clock customer support.
It improved customer loyalty and retention.

Agents with appropriate skill sets were able to maintain a balance between Average Handling Time (AHT) and FCR.

It improved customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Our client could pay attention to the expansion of their business, without hassles.


Phykon’s inbound call centre outsourcing services will help you to focus more on core business activities. Apart from handling inbound calls, our agents also help in improving sales by implementing up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Excellent customer support provided by our inbound call centre increased customer retention rates and reduced overall operational expenses.

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